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QWOC Web Series Returns with New Episode

QLIC_The Peculiar Kind_Black LesbianThe creators of The Peculiar Kind describe it as a “web series that candidly explores the lives and experiences of queer women of color with eye-opening and unscripted conversations.”  We’d say it’s a well-produced, desperately-needed media project that elevates the dialogue within our community.  If you’ve ever run a Google search for “queer women of color media,” then you know the pickings are slim out there.  Thankfully, times are changing.  With this series from The Artchitects, we have access to an intelligent, entertaining and informative program that examines topics pertinent to our lives.   With an eclectic cast of characters, The Peculiar Kind delves into issues that we all talk about around kitchen tables but rarely see addressed in the public square.  Now, it’s back with a highly-anticipated third installment of its second season: “LGBT Homeless Youth.”   In this episode, you’ll learn about New York-based programs and organizations that work daily to cater to the needs of our society’s forgotten [or ignored] youth and listen to personal accounts of survival, perseverance and redemption.  Check out the riveting video below:


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