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International News: Jamaican Police Burn Homeless Queer Youth’s Belongings

Jamaican Dwayne Jones, kicked out at 14 and murdered at 16.

Jamaican Dwayne Jones: kicked out at 14, murdered at 16.

The violence against Queer youth in Jamaica and other Caribbean countries only continues to escalate. What makes matters worse is that, law enforcement, the very entity responsible for the protection of a country’s citizens, are often involved in their victimization.

Earlier this week, Jamaican police allegedly burned items such as clothing, blankets and canned goods donated to homeless Queer youth. According to Police, eight of the youth were suspected of robbery so before taking them into custody they destroyed their belongings and forced them out of the sewers where they had taken up residence.  This unspeakable act of cruelty has left these young people, who were already disowned by their families, even more exposed to the elements and to crime.

In July, 16year old Dwayne Jones, (who had already been living on the streets for two years at the time), was murdered for wearing a dress at a public event. Sadly, Dwayne’s story is just one of many tragedies involving Jamaica’s gay, lesbian and transgendered youth. An organization called Dwayne’s House was started in Jones’ memory to provide refuge for these young outcasts who are senselessly being killed when they should be the country’s future.

You can help them by donating to . Indicate that your donation is for “Dwayne’s House”.

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