TWOC Heavily Featured in List of 2013’s Top Transgender Leaders

We have Autostraddle to thank for this kick-ass list of trans women who inspired us in 2013. The list features many TWOC and highlights their advocacy, bravery and pioneering spirits. It also lets us know who to keep our eyes peeled for in 2014.

Some of the standouts on the list for us:


Laverne Cox…because, Orange is the New Black …Duh!  But, lucky for us we can catch her all over TV and the interwebs discussing her experience as a trans woman of color and as the only trans woman of color on TV. She’s also producing a documentary on CeCe McDonald, the trans woman who was convicted of second degree manslaughter for stabbing and killing a man while defending herself against his  physical assault in 2011. We can hardly wait!


MMA fighter Fallon Fox who has endured harsh and unjustified criticism from many who believe her past as a man gives her an unfair advantage in the ring. Check out GQ’s feature on her in their January issue where she sets the record straight on why that attitude is just …wrong.



Twelve year old, Jazz, who we’ve been in love with since Barbara Walters first introduced us to her back when she was six. Her documentary, Am Jazz, changed a lot of people’s minds about whether being queer (or in Jazz’s case, trans) is a learned behavior or whether one is simply born that way.


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