QLiC Flashback: Georgia Lesbian Couple Has an “I Do” Marathon

Qlicpress Chwanda Nixon and Kacey frierson

Last year, QWOC couple Kacey Frierson and Chwanda Nixon (L-R) said “I Do”…a whopping NINE times! The Jonesboro, GA couple decided to tie the knot in eight different states in just 10 days! Why? It was just one, crazy, monumental and significant way this couple chose to express their love for one another. After years of being either unhappily married, (Nixon), or intentionally single,(Frierson), because they both knew they were secretly attracted to women– meeting each other and then falling in love seemed all those things: significant, monumental and yes…kinda crazy. Together with their combined family that includes seven kids, the couple piled into a minivan and took off on an adventure to states like New York, Vermont, Connecticut and New Jersey stopping to say, “I Do” in each one.


In a few months the couple will celebrate their first anniversary (or would that be multiple anniversaries?)  and they still may not be done walking down the aisle. Besides, there are states passing marriage equality every few months it seems not to mention other countries so the couple has discussed taking their matrimony marathon international! Good luck to them!


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