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QWOC Artist Anjimile Is On Her Way Up


She doesn’t sound like anyone else. As the third girl born to Malawian parents, she was named Anjimile (AN-JIM-IL-LEE), which means “denied a boy” in her parent’s native language, Chichewa.  From her name to her rare fusion of pop and indie-punk, she personifies “uniqueness.” This extraordinary talent grew up in Texas, but longed for an escape to the seemingly less homophobic North.  She eventually settled on Boston and that’s where she currently lives, plays and attends school. Despite the fact that she’s still a student pursing Music Industry at Northeastern University, Anjimile has produced two incredible projects, including the eagerly awaited Saltwater (Loftman Records) that dropped earlier this month. It serves up more of the brilliantly eclectic lyricism and infectious harmonies that she introduced us to on her first full length EP, In the Garden.

If her first album could be called a ‘coming of age’ story filled with themes of love, lust and loss, then her second album truly confirms her adulthood with its intimacy and boldness. The thick, smokiness of her voice is reminiscent of dark honey-or perhaps dark liquor, rich but biting. Her lyrics almost seem too honest and too raw, but Anjimile wouldn’t have it any other way. She wants her fans to connect to the words just as much as, if not more so than, the melodies because she writes each and every letter herself. Her greatest musical influences are Michael Jackson, Sufjan Stevens and an indie-rock band called Born Ruffians.

Qlic_anjimileAnjimile is making her way up the industry ladder and she’s climbing fast! Her ever-growing fan base follows her around the Boston music scene as she graces one stage after another around the city, blessing them with her smooth vocals and soothing acoustics. Often accompanying her is drummer and percussionist, Drew Wilcox, whom she calls her “musical soulmate.” If her solo career wasn’t inspiring enough, she’s also part of a rock band called MODES with Wilcox and roommate Emily Schuna.

Anjimile is definitely an artist to keep an eye on, particularly because talented QWOC artists are so hard to come by. There’s something special about her that promises “stick-ability”. Her style, depth and presence on stage all indicate that we will be following her career for a very long time. She can be found on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook and various social media sites.  Check out a sample of her work and tell us what you think below:


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