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LGBTQI Pop Culture and Media Stars Make theGrio’s Top 100

Congrats to some of our very own in the queer community for making’s Top 100 list. The annual roster highlights the achievements of African-Americans in fields such as politics and activism, pop culture, health, arts, and sports. This year it included some LGBTQI standouts we adore.


QLic_b.scottB. Scott is a  YouTube sensation and self-proclaimed media maven turned television personality and internet celebrity. The 32-year-old transgender star made national headlines last year after claiming she was discriminated against by BET execs while she served as  a Red Carpet correspondent during the BET Awards 2013 show.  Allegedly, network representatives forced her to tone down her feminine appearance in exchange for a slightly more masculine one.   Scott’s lawsuit against BET is pending, but in the meantime, she remains “splendiferously di-vine” while  we remain faithful and devoted “love muffins.”


We already told you about this foul-mouthed, dynamic duo who hosts the wildly hilarious podcast The Read. They dole out a healthy serving of ‘shade-throwing’ about celebrities and other aspects of pop culture to their 80,000 weekly listeners. Besides its sheer hilarity, the show has gained popularity due to its simplicity and realness. The pair are real-life friends who  admit that the secret to their success lies in their spontaneity and refusal to plan their sets. Instead, they just get together and “dish” among friends just like the rest of us. The only difference is they’re a whole lot funnier than we are.


QLiC_Laverne Cox   Laverne Cox is the transgender star of the hit Netflix series  Orange is the New Black (OITNB).  She had an incredible year last year basking in the attention and perks of being the only African-American transgender woman with a starring role on a TV show. This year hasn’t been too shabby either.  Cox is currently filming season two of OITNB and she has found herself speaking all over the country educating people about transgender issues and their struggle for equality. She has been an outspoken advocate for violence against the trans community and is currently filming a documentary about CeCe McDonald, another transgender woman who was sentenced to 41 months in prison after killing a man who assaulted her in a transphobic attack.


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