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PNT Tv Network: Convenient Programming for Queer Women of Color

pnt network

Fewer things are less taxing than trying to find quality programming for queer women of color.  Just enter a few keywords into your favorite search engine and you’ll quickly understand what we mean.  So imagine the jig we did when we discovered PNT Tv Network, a Trinidad and Tobago-based entertainment resource providing femqueer content to the masses.  As the brainchild of writer, filmmaker and producer Tamara “Tee” Spicer, PNT Tv warms the cockles of hearts for a bevy of reasons.  The idea is quite simple yet  masterfully executed: provide a space for queer women to showcase their projects for free.  The result: content creators gain exposure and viewers have convenient access to racially and culturally diverse media by and for them.

Tamara "Tee" Spicer, Founder, PNT Tv Network

Tamara “Tee” Spicer, Founder, PNT Tv Network

Visitors have options and that’s always attractive.  Browse current and archived webseries and podcasts.  Stay current on sports, politics, and feature stories.  It’s really an interesting find.  PNT Tv’s  newsletter keeps you updated on recent activity and future projects, including the addition of animated series, comic books, Yuri anime and novels to its collection.  Recently, it launched a crowd-sourcing campaign to fund its latest venture: providing coverage of the 2014 Dinah Shore Weekend.

Spicer’s network is a welcomed contrast to the barrage of homophobic headlines we’re used to receiving from the Caribbean.  We’re glad to see island queers thriving and accomplishing astounding feats in the face of oppression.  It’s not just a form of resistance, it’s a testament to the creativity, ingenuity and humanity of queer women of color.

According to its website, PNT Tv’s mission is, “Visibility…visibility…visibility.”  And from what we can see, it’s achieved that and so much more.  Below, you’ll find a preview of some of the productions you’ll find on the site and we highly recommend you check it out when you can.

Dyke Central:

“…an Oakland-based dramedy that centers around 30-something butch best friends and roommates Alex and Gin. The pilot episode sees Alex and Gin scrambling to find a new roommate to ensure that Jackie, Alex’s girlfriend, doesn’t move into Dyke Central, while Bay Area newcomer Fabiana sets out to discover the real Oakland.”

Mission: Rebound

“ an independent webseries written by Vera Miao, about the comic misadventures of two girls, burned by love.  Cloie and Vera, best friends, find their respective loves in bed with each other. What follows is what happens when rebound and revenge are on their minds.”


2 thoughts on “PNT Tv Network: Convenient Programming for Queer Women of Color

  1. I had no idea this was out there, as I just came across your lovely feature on me and PNT Tv and I would like to thank you. The Feels! I can’t tell you how deeply appreciative I am in the knowledge that my diligence and persistence, is actually appreciated by someone. Again thank you.


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