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India’s Queer Community is “Happy” Despite Supreme Court Ruling

Happy Friday! Speaking of “happy,” we just can’t get enough of Pharrell’s hit song!

“Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth…because I’m happyyyyy”.

The song is nominated for an Oscar on Sunday for Best Original Song and it’s also number one on the Billboard charts. Part of “Happy’s” genius lies in its brilliant simplicity, the other part is due to its infectious beat, catchy lyrics and most importantly its ability to make us feel good! You can’t help but want to move when you hear it, so it’s no surprise that it has inspired cover videos from music lovers around the globe. But the masterpiece created by members of the LGBTQ community in Mumbai, India holds a special place in our hearts. You may recall India’s Supreme Court reinstated a colonial-era ban on homosexuality last December. The legislation’s re-instatement could result in an up-to-ten-year prison sentence for any Indian who engages in sexual acts with a member of the same sex. Despite the serious consequences, an Indian website, Gaysi, decided to cover Pharrell’s “Happy” and engage in a groovy kind of activism through dance. The video was shot over a 48-hour time period on the streets of Mumbai and it’s brave, beautiful and kicks homophobia’s ass! Check it out below. We hope it makes you happyyyyy.


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