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Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day (IWD)! Like Black History Month, one day we hope that there won’t be a need to single out just one month or just one day to celebrate a group of people who make such an impact every day. Nonetheless, today we celebrate …well…us! Here’s to all the women in your life who’ve inspired you, made a difference, changed you and created the person you have become. How do we even begin to thank them? Well, on days like this, it’s easy to think of the the Michelle Obamas or the Rosa Parkses, the Audre Lordes or the Angela Davises, but today we challenge you to look a little closer to home. Think about that best friend you first came out to, who didn’t judge you but instead embraced you (despite, perhaps, pinching you for waiting so long to tell her!). What about the first butch woman you saw strutting around your neighborhood when you were growing up? She was that undeniable lesbian figure who may have become the symbol of what was going on inside of your own heart and head. It doesn’t matter that you never spoke two words to each other; her mere presence assured you that you were not alone. What about that fifth grade teacher, that neighbor girl, the girl you bunked with at summer camp? You know, the ones you had the biggest crushes on? Maybe what you felt for them gave you your first real inclinations, that self-realization that guided you to accept who you were. They may not have,realized it- well, at the time, you may not have realized it either- but they were shaping your identity. Today, we salute all the women whose shoulders we stand on and whose contributions, great and small, have left us changed. Thank you!

Let us know what you think of the Google Doodle in honor of IWD.

IWD Google Doodle

Meh, it may leave something to be desired, but we do love the accompanying video that features over 100 women from around the world including trans women, writer Janet Mock and Transgender Law Center senior strategist Cecilia Chung, wishing all women a Happy International Women’s Day.


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