Bodies of Lesbian Couple Discovered in Texas, Sketch of Person of Interest Released

Cosby and JacksonUPDATE (3/11/14): Funeral Arrangements for Britney Crosby, Family Asks Public For Help

UPDATE (3/13/14): Father Arrested in Case of Murdered Houston Lesbian Couple

It’s more than likely that you haven’t heard about it in the mainstream media, but the bodies of a Black lesbian couple, Britney Cosby and Crystal Jackson, were found over the weekend in Texas. The 24-years-olds had been dating for two years.  Details are still emerging about this senseless act of violence, but what we do know is that the couple disappeared on Wednesday of last week right after planning a trip to Galveston to attend Mardi Gras. It wasn’t until Friday that their bodies were found next to a convenience store dumpster in Port Bolivar. According to police, they were killed in different ways and in a possibly different location from where their bodies were eventually discovered. The silver 2006 Kia Sorento with paper tags that the couple recently purchased is missing. Authorities are eager to recover the vehicle in hopes that it will lead to the suspect.

At this point, investigators are not clear whether or not this is a hate crime or a random car-jacking. In the last few hours, authorities released a sketch of an African-American man wanted for questioning in this matter, although they have stopped short of calling him a suspect at this point.

Person of InterestOur hearts and prayers are with the families of both victims who are pleading for information that will lead to an arrest. If you can positively identify this man, have seen the vehicle in question, or have any knowledge whatsoever of this crime please call the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office tip line at 1-866-248-8477. A vigil for Cosby and Jackson is scheduled for Wednesday, March 12th at 7pm at:

Sunnyside Park

3502 Bellfort St

Houston, TX 77051

We will keep you updated as we learn more.


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