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Global Day of Action Has Passed, But Fight Is Far From Over for Nigeria’s LGBT

global day of action 3On March 7, Solidarity Alliance Nigeria, “a coalition of Nigerian LGBT-focused, human rights and HIV/AIDS organizations and individuals in Nigeria,” called for cities around the world to observe a “Global Day of Action” in support of Nigeria’s LGBT community.  A ban against gay sex already existed, but, on January 24 , Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan signed a bill that both expands the anti-gay list of offenses and harshens punishments for previously banned activities, including gay marriage, which now carries a 14-year prison sentence. The law also prohibits public displays of affection between same-sex couples and anyone caught operating a gay club or providing any service to a member of the LGBT community faces 10 years of incarceration. Since the law passed, violence against Nigeria’s gay community has risen to a desperate level and there have been numerous arrests, so the day of action couldn’t have taken place sooner. In the United States, protesters gathered in front of the Nigerian consulate in New York City and the Nigerian embassy in Washington, D.C. At the NYC demonstration, at least eight protesters were arrested. In D.C., the Head of the Political Section at the Nigerian Embassy came out to hear the protesters’ concerns. The demonstrators all had one end-game in mind: getting President Jonathan to rescind the outrageous law that essentially bans love. Concerned citizens anywhere in the world can use social media to voice their disapproval and stand in solitary with gay Nigerians by utilizing hashtag #istandw9jaLGBT.  You can also learn more about and sign the petition drafted by the Solidarity Alliance Nigeria found here.  Photographer Atane Ofiaja has an amazing slideshow of the event here.


One thought on “Global Day of Action Has Passed, But Fight Is Far From Over for Nigeria’s LGBT

  1. Reblogged this on Wombyn To Wombman and commented:
    1) More than half of heterosexual marriages end in divorce
    2) 75% of students in the city have taken illegal drugs or alcohol before going to college
    3) 1 in 3 women will have an abortion
    4) 1 in 3 women are sexually assaulted
    5) Domestic abuse is on the rise

    Our daughters can’t spell and those that can, are hunted by the master and foolish helper boys eagerly trying to pry their legs apart. All that gore and really telling me I can’t hold my girls hand when she is the only thing that can calm me down…

    I am no expert but all the students I’ve known that have LGBT parents were some of the most well-rounded, cared for, and thoughtful individuals ever.


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