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cameraQLiC Press focuses the lens directly onto the lives of queer women of color by recognizing the kaleidoscope of perspectives and personalities that comprise our community. From pop culture to politics, this online resource provides a panoramic view of the issues relevant to us.  Whether scripted or candid, we always present honest snapshots of queerness in every shade.

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Eren is freelance writer and publicist who’s been published in a variety of mediums from newspapers to literary magazines, blogs and more.  Born and raised in the ridiculously gorgeous Eleuthera, Bahamas, Eren has had a long-held devotion for the written word since childhood. She recently started a freelance writing company and is working on two books. Eren lives in-between her native Bahamas and Atlanta with her fiancée, Jennifer and their rescue pets, Mylo the beagle and Jaxson the mischievous kitten.

Why did you co-create QLiC Press?

I was inspired to co-create QLiC Press by the sudden influx of gay and lesbian programming popping up on the internet.  At first, it was very encouraging and exciting, but that excitement soon turned to disappointment when I realized the shows were misinformed, were badly written, and/or perpetuated negative stereotypes.  I wanted to be a part of a project that shined a more constructive, informed and positive light on queer relationships-especially those between queer women of color. I just thought, “There has to be a smarter, healthier and  more constructive dialogue out there for us.” I saw QLiC Press as an opportunity to be a part of that dialogue. My West Indian heritage [being born and raised in the Bahamas] also played a large role in my desire to co-create this project because it seems we, in America, can do so much more to extend the dialogue to our gay and lesbian counterparts in other parts of the world.


IMG_0374Neisha is an award-winning broadcast journalist and activist whose work has been featured in radio, television and online media.   Raised in sunny South Florida by Jamaican parents, Neisha developed a knack for writing and public speaking during her teens.  Since then, she’s earned her degree in Mass Communications and has written and produced news programs in every medium.  Her passion for social causes and environmental issues prompted her to serve as a community organizer and Communications Advisor for non-profit organizations specializing in AIDS awareness and urban farming.  Because of her background, Neisha has an unwavering dedication to providing a platform for the stifled voices of queer women of color.   Always the adventurer, in her spare time, she can be found hiking or jumping out of planes.  But most importantly, she prides herself on her ability to make culinary masterpieces from Ramen noodles.

Why did you co-create QLiC Press?

As queer women of color, we’re members of a dynamic community with a vast spectrum of ideas, knowledge and experiences, but our voices often go unnoticed or unacknowledged.  With QLiC Press, I wanted to make a space that I couldn’t find: a place that addressed issues and acknowledged queer women of color whom mainstream media ignores.

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